Should I use Short Term Loans to Pay for Dental Work?

If you need to have some dental work then the chances are that you will need to pay for it. Some dental work can be very expensive and not that many people have insurance and so they will need to find the money from somewhere. It can be a tricky decision to make but it is worth looking at the different options that you have to decide what to do for the best.

  • Have no treatment– having no treatment may not be an option if you are in pain. It could be that you need a filling or other work because you have decay or a broken tooth and therefore you may have no option but to get it fixed. If you need whitening, straightening or other cosmetic treatment then you may decide that it is not worth it. It is good to think it through and decide whether you think the spend is worth it. Cosmetic treatment could potentially be delayed until you have the money, but dental treatment delays would cause pain and could cause more problems in the mouth.
  • Use savings – if you have any savings then using these could be a way to get the money that you need. It can be annoying using money that you have taken time to carefully put away for something like this. You may have been saving it up for emergencies and may feel that this is not the sort of situation that you were hoping to spend it on. You may also be saving up for a specific thing such as a holiday and not feel that you want to use up your holiday money on your teeth. However, it is worth thinking about your health and how mouth can be crucial to other parts of your body; particularly heart health and so a missed, delayed or shorter holiday could be worth it.
  • Save up for treatment – it could be possible for you to save up for the treatment. If you need emergency work this will not be possible, but if it is cosmetic you may be able to save up and delay it for a while. You may need to commit yourself though, by setting up a direct debit to pay money into a savings account every month so that you are sure that the money will be there.
  • Get a pay advance– it might be possible that you could get an advance on your salary. Some larger companies are happy to provide this in some circumstances. You will be able to ask to get some of your salary early and this may be enough to help you. However, not all companies will allow you to do this and of course, if you do not have a salary then this will not be an option for you anyway.
  • Use an overdraft – it could be possible to use an overdraft for this sort of thing. It is worth being very careful with overdrafts though these days. They now tend to be very expensive. Although charges have changed and those who used to use unauthorised overdrafts are ow paying less, those that used to use authorised overdrafts are paying a lot more. Make sure that you check the costs of using an overdraft and then you can compare that with your other options.
  • Use a credit card– a credit card is normally accepted by dentists and so it could be a useful way to pay. However, it is worth understanding that they can be a really expensive way to raise money. This is not just because of the interest rates, which can be quite high, but because they are easy to not repay. There are not many rules with regards to repaying, you just have to repay a small minimum amount which tends to just cover the interest. Then you can keep the debt as long as you like. Although this can seem great, those monthly payments add up and it can mean that you will be paying that interest for a long time if you do not repay what you owe and it could end up being really expensive.
  • Get a short-term loan– these can be really fast to arrange which means that you will not have a delay in getting the treatment that you need. However, they can also be expensive and so you need to compare the costs of the different types to get one that you feel will provide good value for money. They are paid back quickly though so as long as you are confident that you will be able to afford the repayment then it can be a good idea to go for this loan if you do not like the idea of being in debt for very long. They are also available to those that do not have a good credit record which means that if you cannot get an overdraft or credit card, this will still be an option for you.

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